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First of all, Aalto University is looking to build a true main campus to fully reflect its reputation as “the innovation university”.

The cornerstone in these plans is the new metrostation - to be launched in late 2016 – which will push connectivity into a high gear for sure.

Located along the Helsinki-Tampere corridor, Hämeenlinna has often been overlooked as a potent hot spot for growth.

However, Hämeenlinna is a vibrant community at the junction of a nationally important rail, road and waterway network – and with plenty of small-town appeal.

Northern Scandinavia is ripe with opportunities - if one has the will and resources to pursue them.

Leading the pack in this department is Oulu, the largest city in Northern Finland with 250,000 residents.

Helsinki is in the middle of a massive transformation that is unprecedented in Finland - and, in fact, one would be hard pressed to find an undertaking of equivalent scope anywhere in Europe.One way to succeed is to become ‘destinations’ in their own right.Around the world, many new shopping centres are incorporating a heavy dose of entertainment, restaurants and cafés to their mix to make their centres recreational in addition to strictly commercial; the idea is to drive frequency of visits and length-of-stay.Updating the entire concept of today’s office is very much linked with this goal.Björn Mattsson, the newly appointed Managing Director for Skanska Commercial Development Finland, says that companies should recognise how the ways of working have changed over the years.

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